LG Batteries

Solar panels offer a clean, green source of energy. They don’t produce greenhouses gases or create water pollution and can save you money by reducing your reliance on costly grid power. But without a storage solution, your solar system won’t run as efficiently as it could, causing you to miss out on a number of benefits.

With energy storage solutions, you can experience the second residential solar revolution for yourself. The question you have to ask yourself is: What battery should I choose to complete my solar system? If you’re looking for flexible design, high-performance lithium-ion technology and a proven manufacturing process, then look no further than LG’s Chem RESU range of solar batteries.

An LG solar battery can store the surplus energy you create with your rooftop photovoltaic panels for later use. If the sun has set, energy demand is high or if there’s a blackout, you can use the excess energy you create to satisfy your electrical needs at no additional cost.

However, solar batteries are not just about on-demand energy objectives either. When paired with your solar panels, your LG Chem RESU batteries put you one step closer to energy self-consumption and complete independence. With little-to-no carbon footprint, you are also meeting your environmental objectives – especially as you rely less and less on the grid.

Smaller and lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries, a lithium-ion battery will recharge quicker, offer a greater capacity with longer life and a much higher level of safety. When paired with LG’s well-known manufacturing excellence and technology development, you have a market-leading product.

LG Battery Options

Flexible design

When you purchase LG Chem RESU batteries, you’re obtaining the best design available. LG Chem’s advanced lamination and stacking (L&S) process reduces unused space and enables high energy density. The L&S technology allows for lightweight and compact design, enabling easy wall mounting or floor standing in both indoor and outdoor setups. The sleek construction of RESU batteries is evident in the simplified inverter connections, which reduces the cost and time it takes to install.

With a range of battery sizes to choose from, you can scale your battery system as you see fit. Not only are LG Chem batteries smaller and lighter than previous models, they also display improved aesthetics. With a polished black and silver design, the two-toned LG Chem battery range can fit neatly and discretely into any Australian household.

Improved performance

At RK Solar, we have a number of LG Chem solar batteries to meet your energy needs. Starting with the LG Chem RESU 6.4kW, these offer a nominal capacity of 126 Ah and a (high/near-flawless) DC round-trip efficiency (90-95 per cent). It is also easily expanded with the LG Chem 3.2 kWh Expansion Pack. So rather than purchasing major system elements as your energy needs grow, your LG Chem RESU 6.4kW solar battery can grow to match them.

LG Chem’s L&S technology ensures greater durability and 80 per cent of capacity retention after ten years. RESU’s enclosure protection rating is IP55, meaning they are protected against dust, water and mud – allowing you to operate your system without a the risk of failure, even in more unpredictable conditions.

For those with greater energy needs, we offer the LG Chem 9.8kW solar battery, which comes in both low voltage and high voltage options. The two different voltages allow for a wide range of installation options, including both AC and DC coupling.

If you would like to view the spec sheets for LGĀ Batteries, click here to find out more.

Trusted producer

With more than 20 years experience in battery technology and employing 26,000 skilled staff, LG Chem continue to deliver solutions to more and more customers in the global energy sector. LG Chem offers customers an industry-leading lithium-ion battery that embodies the experience and technology LG is known for around the world.

LG Chem place the highest emphasis on the safety of its consumers. The RESU batteries utilise the same technology as its automotive battery, which has a proven safety record. Alongside this, all LG Chem products are fully certified according to relevant global safety standards.

The LG Chem solar batteries on utilise low voltage to ensure they are safer for residential use. Whether you are a family person or have a house filled with pets, LG Chem’s low voltage RESU battery range is designed with safety as a top priority.

Don’t know anything about solar installation? No worries, RK Solar and Consulting Services has over 7 years experience in solar solution installation and consultation. With a proven track record in the solar industry and over 3,000 satisfied customers, you can rest assured the solar battery, panel or microinverter you pick is to the highest quality and installed with absolute diligence by a Clean Energy Council accredited electrician.

If you would like to know more about LG Chem RESU solar batteries, make sure you talk to an RK Solar and Consulting Services representative today.