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What does it take to power an island with solar energy?

21 Jun, 2017

Pacific islands are run on solar energy. Powering your home is a breeze

Thanks to the power of Tesla’s battery technology, entire islands are run by solar energy. Doing the same for your home is easy.

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Does winter have to mean reduced solar power?

31 May, 2017

Warm up to winter solar power with micro inverters

Will winter have a negative effect on solar panel efficiency? With a micro inverter system, users can draw out the maximum PV productivity year-round.

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What do you know about solar power?

01 May, 2017

A to Z of solar power: Part 1

Understanding the terminology behind solar power can help you make an informed choice about which solar system is right for you.

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What can we do with a better battery?

28 Apr, 2017

Why there’s always room for a better battery

With a recent breakthrough in battery technology, will we be able to store even more energy for our solar power systems?

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Are you ready for a solar panel system?

13 Apr, 2017

4 signs your home is ready for a solar panel system

So you think your home is ready for a solar panel system? Here’s a few things to check so you can be sure it’s the right choice for you.

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How has the solar industry changed over the years?

30 Mar, 2017

A brief history of solar energy

Solar energy has come a long way since the PV effect was first observed in 1839. How has the industry developed, and where is it going?

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How can going green improve your business?

27 Mar, 2017

Why businesses should go green with solar power

Solar power is a great way for businesses to go green and save money on energy costs. Green businesses also taps into the new age of ‘conscious consumers.’

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What are the ins and outs of micro inverters?

20 Mar, 2017

The micro inverters you didn’t know you needed

Inverters convert energy from solar panels into useable electricity. There are two types of inverters: micro and string. Are they equal?

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It's time for Australians to embrace solar energy.

14 Feb, 2017

3 reasons solar can save homeowners money

Installing solar panels in your home or business with RK Solar can help you manage your electricity bill, and be better to the environment.

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It's a new dawn for solar in 2017.

01 Feb, 2017

Solar energy in Australia: The 2016 year in review

Solar energy production is cheaper than ever, so what were some of the solar highlights of 2016, and where are we headed for the future?

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