4 signs your home is ready for a solar panel system

Posted on 13 Apr, 2017 in Energy Storage, Solar Power

Are you ready for a solar panel system?

With the ability to store solar energy produced for a later date, many Australians are looking to incorporate solar panels on the roofs of their home.

Solar power has never been cheaper, so why wouldn't you want to jump on the bandwagon? The cost of solar power is well below retail energy prices in Australian capital cities, according to the Climate Council 2016 State of Solar report, and the cost is still decreasing.

At RK Solar & Consulting Services, we believe that all Australian homes have the potential to generate their own energy in an environmentally friendly, sustainable way. However, some homes might be more ready than others to embrace this technology. Here are a few signs your house is ready to make the most of a solar panel system.

A roof without solar panels is an untapped resource.
A roof without solar panels is an untapped resource.

1. Your roof is an untapped asset

We don't often look up at our roofs and see them as anything more than protection from the elements. But if you've done your research, you already realise that an un-adorned roof represents an opportunity for investment to improve the value of your property.

Over 80 per cent of Australians believe solar panels add value to the properties that use them, says realestate.com.au. Renters also are willing to pay more per week, up to $10 extra, for houses that source energy from the sun.

"Having solar panels installed on your roof represents a valuable investment in your property," says Phil Craig, Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs at Origin, who assisted realestate.com.au in this research.

If you're looking up and seeing green, it might be time to speak to an expert.

2. You're making the most of the energy you use

The amount of solar energy you need depends on the energy you use.

It's tempting to see solar power as the holy grail in reducing your energy bill, but savvy consumers know that to make the most of solar energy, you first have to turn your attention to the energy you're currently using.

It's great that you're interested in solar power as a way to save on your energy bill, but consider this: The amount of solar energy you need depends on the energy you use. If you're not generating enough solar energy to match you electricity needs, your panels need to produce that much more to see any benefits.

By cutting back on your energy usage, and adopting energy-efficient technologies such as LED bulbs, your demand goes down. As a result, the energy your system produces will have a much greater impact on your overall usage.

3. You're looking for more stable energy costs

Installing solar panels also reduces your dependency on the grid, protecting yourself from rising electricity prices. Utility prices vary on demand, but the sun always gives consistent, free energy. In the case of a blackout, a solar system with energy storage options, such as batteries, means you still have access to power.

Utility prices vary on demand, but the sun always gives consistent, free energy.

4. You're wanting to make a positive impact on the environment

Solar energy is a great way to benefit the environment and your pocket. By reducing your dependence on the grid, you're actively contributing to lowering the carbon footprint of your home and community. You don't have to be a commercial solar plant to save the planet. A residential system can offset around 2,200 kg of carbon dioxide a year.

There are many more reasons why installing a solar panel system is a great choice for your home for long-term energy savings and benefit to the environment. To find out more about why your home is ready for solar power, speak to the team at RK Solar & Consulting Services.

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