Samsung Batteries

Samsung’s Energy Storage System (ESS) technology is a solution easily scaled to meet unique customer needs. Samsung offers an all-in-one scalable energy solution that can directly connect to your PV system. Unlike some other products, the Samsung unit contains:

  1. PV inverter
  2. Battery inverter
  3. Lithium-ion battery

We offer the two most popular and current versions of the Samsung unit, with either 7.2 kWh or 10.8 kWh storage capacity.

One of the key features of the Samsung system compared to most of the other batteries is that it has a transfer switch installed. How does it work? Well, when the grid fails or you have a power or light failure, the transfer switch activates and automatically changes over to draw electricity from the Samsung ESS.

This maintains power, even in the face of a blackout or a sudden stop in supply. For remote locations, this presents an incredible benefit to unreliable energy security. Further, most other hybrid systems and inverters on the market don’t offer this feature, giving the Samsung ESS a reliable edge over the competition where security is concerned.

Why choose a Samsung all-in-one battery

The benefits of Samsung’s all-in-one ESS aren’t limited to just a well-known name. If you’re after an indoor, all-in-one solution, then the Samsung ESS could be the product you need. There are number of reasons that this product may be the best fit for your home:


  • An all-in-one solution, with everything contained in a single enclosure – PV and battery inverter and reliable lithium-ion battery.
  • Easy, simple installation.
  • A scalable solution to suit varying energy needs.


  • A battery cell approved for use with electric vehicles.
  • A fully enclosed design means no external wiring between components.
  • Tested to IEC 62109-1/2, AS3100, AS62040.1.1, AS4777.2(3), IEC62619, IEC60730-1 Annex H, IEC61000-6-2/3, IEC61727 and IEC62116.

Servicing and Monitoring

  • Web and mobile monitoring, and software updates via internet for continued secure use.
  • Malfunction sensing can detect an error before it happens.
  • Lithium-ion batteries have a far greater lifecycle than lead-acid batteries. Longer life means fewer replacements and less concerns over maintenance.

The Samsung all-in-one ESS may be the perfect solution for your needs, but before you make the decision to install a solar system, get in touch with our team to determine if it’s the best product for you.

We bring the power to you

At RK Solar, we want to give you more than just a solar system and battery storage solution – we want to also supply you with continued confidence in your decision. That’s why we conduct a full energy audit and business assessment before recommending the most reliable and efficient solution.

Our experience with solar panels and energy storage solutions means we can ask the important questions, so you won’t be rushed into a purchase you may regret. While there is a solar product out there for everyone, we want to offer you more than that – an energy storage and solar solution that you can be proud of.

If you would like to view the spec sheets for Samsung’s Energy Storage System, click here to find out more.

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